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Sunday, March 25, 2012

OWOP: Day 2

I chose Simplicity 2892 for Tilly's One Week One Pattern challenge (button in the side bar) and here is my second day out in my most recently completed version of this pattern. 

Day 2: View D in peacock printed shiny silky stuff from JoAnn.  I used the non-shiny side, so essentially the wrong side of the fabric, because I liked the matte look MUCH better.
Worn to church and lunch with my girls.  My four-year-old got her first chance to try a picture with my phone and this is the only one where a part of me wasn't cut off.  I think there's still some camera shake, but I'll take it!

I'm wearing the top with a gold-flecked brown shrug I've had forever and my turquoise Colette Clovers.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

OWOP: Day 1

I chose Simplicity 2892 for Tilly's One Week One Pattern challenge (button found in side bar) because I already had three tops made from this pattern and a fourth one planned.
Day 1: View D in jade green floral rayon from Hancock Fabrics.  First blogged here.
Worn to the playground with hot pink knit circle scarf (also made by me), hot pink braided belt from Target and Gap jeans

Also worn with my bow headband from... oh my goodness... I can NOT recall the name of the shop now!  I will fill it in when I get my brain back.
Update: I found my brain and the shop is Blush Envy.

And here's a shot of my 2-year-old on the swing. :)  just for fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simplicity 1872

After skipping a couple weeks of the Sew Weekly challenges, I got back on track and submitted a post for the Green theme.  I just realized this very second that I forgot to tag it like I was supposed to.  erg!  I hate it when people don't follow directions!
Here's the post and here are some more pictures for you to enjoy.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Clover - Styled

I was browsing over at Handmade by Carolyn and some of my favorite posts by her are the ones where she styles her garments in different ways.  Now, her style is impeccable and my post won't be nearly as good, but I thought I'd give it a go styling my Colette Clovers.

First up: Turquoise Clovers and Amy Butler Gothic Rose Sorbetto
Interestingly enough, I haven't been particularly thrilled with this top.  It's easy to wear, but I didn't feel like the length was the most flattering.  With these pants, though, I really like it.  Maybe there are more Sorbettos in my future after all.

Here's my attempt at dressing the Clovers up a little.  The only me made in this picture is the pants.

I made this blouse from Simplicity 2892 with Anna Maria Horner voile and really haven't worn it very much.  There are little niggly things about it that make me not reach for it, but I realize from this picture that it probably looks fine to everyone but me.

This is my short sleeved Sewaholic Renfrew in a cute apple print.  I got mine from Girl Charlee, but, last time I checked, Fabric.com had it in some other colorways.  You can't really see it in this picture, but the apples have red heart-shaped centers.

You might have noticed I got that remote shutter release I was talking about getting.  I can already tell it's going to make getting photos much easier.  Hooray!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the Works

Lots and lots of things going on at once right now!  I was pretty much going one project at a time after I matched all my fabrics and patterns at the beginning of the year, but I'm starting to remix, plan new pieces, and add some totally new things in the shuffle as well.
I am starting a new Etsy shop called Molly Makes.  It's a branch of my original business, Molly Blossom, but geared more towards clothing items and mostly for kids.  I started to get a hankering to sew for my girls again, but, honestly, their closets are so full already.  I have so many fabric remnants crumpled up everywhere that I don't want to throw away and I had so many patterns that I've bought for them over the last three years that I hadn't gotten good use out of.... so it made sense to sew things to sell.  I just sew whatever strikes my fancy in whatever size I have enough fabric for. I'm having to get pretty creative coordinating fabrics, but it's been very satisfying thus far with the about 10 pieces I've made, knowing that those neglected fabrics will finally find a life and my sewing room gets less cluttered.
Here's a couple of items from my Facebook launch sale being held tomorrow.

Whimsy Couture Criss-Cross pattern

my own concoction

also my own concoction

I am finishing up a 50's dress pattern that I planned on using for this week's Sew Weekly theme of Inspired by Art.  I think I'll just save it for the Mad Men theme two weeks away because when I looked more closely at the piece of art I was using as inspiration, the colors weren't what I thought they were originally.  I think it will work for the Mad Men theme.  I'll make it work.

I was bad and bought new patterns and fabric as well.
JoAnn's is evil.
I saw this shorts pattern while browsing the Simplicity Spring offerings online.  (browsing is the first mistake when trying not to buy something)  It's just what I've been seeing in my head.  I'm trying this Spring/Summer to amp up the style, while keeping the comfort.  I know myself and I won't wear it if I'm not comfortable, even if I like the way it looks on me.  I've been thinking elastic-waisted shorts with pockets would be just the ticket if executed properly (unlike the board shorts look on the pattern envelope).
I bought the pattern and two fabrics since I had coupons.  I was drawn to the cross-hatch pattern in the suiting and the colors in the other fabric just make me happy.   It's interesting to me that I'm already planning to make multiples.  I think Tilly's challenge has helped me make the shift.

I also couldn't resist one of Cynthia Rowley's newest offerings, Simplicity 1872.  No reviews out there yet that I could find, but hopefully there will be soon.  I want to make version A.  I need more anything-but-dresses.

Next week's challenge at The Sew Weekly is a Pantone challenge and I'll be attempting this skirt.

The girl on the envelope is apparently just learning to sew and I think hers is cute, so I should be fine, right?