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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swimsuit Fail

That was pretty much worse than shopping for a swimming suit.
I attempted the 70's Stretch 'n Sew pattern I have with some of the swim fabric I bought from Fabric.com a while ago on sale.  I used the measurements on the envelope.  Apparently, those measurements are crap.
The top part of this suit does not cover what is supposed to be covered!  The torso is super short on this thing.  And I have a regular to short torso, so that means the pattern is reeeeeealllly short!
And listen, I know my butt is big, but I'm going to need about four more inches added on to the hips and that low back that happens to be, like, the main reason I bought this pattern? It shows crack.  Seriously, my butt wouldn't fit in the suit!
Women in the 70's were waistless and buttless apparently.

Here it is, lying in shame.

I can see the potential, though, so all hope is not yet lost.  Hopefully, the next version will not be so scandalous and, well, plain ol' ridiculous.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watercolor Stripe Maxi

This busted stash fabric is from my stock-up trip to the G Street Fabric (DC) remnant table last year.  It's a super-soft, springy knit in a blue/purple watercolor stripe.  I have loved it ever since I bought it, but just couldn't seem to match it with it's perfect pattern.
At the time I bought it, I had a dark blue maxi dress that I wore all the time and didn't want another blue maxi dress, but that maxi dress has since been given to Goodwill and now this fabric can fulfill it's destiny.
I used McCalls 6559 View D, the one without the racer back.  I knew I wanted a blouson top, so I cut fairly straight down from the armpit to the hips.  After I made it, I just put it on in front of a mirror and bloused it out a little and marked where the elastic would go.  I put 3/4 inch elastic around the smallest part of my torso, just under my ribcage and cut it at a comfortable length.  I sewed in into a continuous band and then zig-zag stitched it to the inside of my dress.

Hemming this sucker STUNK!  I hemmed just the front and it was, like 4" difference from one side to the other!  After a couple of tries and some seam ripping (which is so dangerous in knits!!) I got it.

I raised the neckline fairly significantly when I cut the front piece and then had to gather it in the middle because the knit was soooooo stretchy.  Oh well, bonus design element.

This is stash-busting garment number two of thirteen.
I think some SewaholicThurlow shorts will be up next... or possibly a swimsuit.  We'll see what strikes my fancy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Stashbusting Begins (With Not-so-great Pictures)

I've started my journey through my patterns and fabric with the goal of making at least 13 garments or waiting until the end of the year before I can buy more patterns or fabric.
It's already gotten hard to resist, so I have much motivation to get these 13 garments knocked out!
First up, Butterick 5498: the jacket that is not for warmth.
I like this pattern and I can see myself making more of these little light jackets in the future.  This is a fun way to use a pretty fabric and not have to make a dress.  I used a rayon challis floral print from Hancock Fabrics.
I apologize that I have not at all been in the mood lately to take pretty pictures of my makes.  I just plain don't feel like setting up the camera or posing.  Maybe the funk will pass, but for now you get iPhone selfies.

I like the shape, the drape, the 3/4 sleeve length and the way it naturally falls in pretty ripples.  Next time, I will make the facing extra wide, because it kept falling open too far and exposing the raw pinked edge of the facing.  I'm going to encase that raw edge in some pretty pink bias tape on this one, but next time, there just needs to be more facing.
This will be a lovely fall transition piece for my wardrobe and I look forward to pairing it with different tops and pants.