"Why in the world did you pick this name for your blog?" ...so glad you asked...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is a...

Pretty pickle you've gotten yourself into!
I think that a lot when I'm crafting. Sometimes, a bit later I think, "Wow, that turned out halfway decent. I'm glad no one saw all the mess in the middle!"
So here it is, a blog to chronicle my crafting. My often unplanned, impulsive, directionless, spur of the moment crafting. I love creating things, but I don't really relish patterns and directions. I'm the same with recipes and cooking, but that's another blog. (and that one would really be awful and sparsely posted, so it's not ever happening.)
This may be a phase or it may drag on for some time. I just need a place to put my diary of creative ideas, including inspirations, future project plans, tutorials (fingers crossed) and finished projects. I feel like I'm cluttering up my other blog and I want to organize a bit. My living space isn't organized, but, dog gonnit, my cyber space will be!

Happy crafting everyone!

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