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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Stashbusting Half-Year Ahead

Aw, man!
Kelly of Cut Cut Sew has just thrown down the gauntlet and I am feeling the conviction to match her pledge.

You can read her post and drool over her fabric and patterns here.

In a nutshell, Kelly has pledged to stashbust, that is, use the patterns and fabric she already has, for the rest of 2013.  That means not buying any new fabric or patterns.
I have done short term similar pledges in the past, some successful, some.... um... not so much.
I won't show you everything I have, but I'll show you the stuff that's matched up that really needs to be sewn and enjoyed and will be the bulk of my stashbusting pledge.

Here are some patterns already matched with fabric.  Not to say that these matches might not change, but most likely, these will stay paired.

Turns out I'm being a scaredy cat about the swim suit.  Might be nice to actually have it this Summer though, don'tcha think?

The accessory cardi that's not really for warmth. 

This is cut and ready to go.

You can't see it very well, but I have loads of dark blue jegging fabric there.  I want some leggings with some sort of cute detail (like a cuff with some little buttons on the side) and I want to make some for both girls.

This fabric has been waiting for over a year now to become a coat...

This minty aqua linen-look fabric has also been very lonesome for a long time, waiting to become a blazer/jacket.

I'm not sure which will be a cardi.  I noticed that these both look good with the feather fabric you'll see down below, so I may make a t-shirt to go with the feathers with one of these knits.

I've had the Thurlow pattern ever since I tested it way back when.  I truly need some shorts this Summer and I bought this denim at Hancocks not too long ago, but wouldn't it be nice if I actually made it into shorts so I could wear them!?

More knits, paired with dress patterns this time.

Here are the feathers I was talking about.  I have a button down shirt in mind for these (Simplicity Lisette Traveler pattern).  I can see this being a wardrobe staple like my chambray button down has become.  I am so in love with these feathers and the colors.

Here's a ponte hot pink and black knit I don't have a pattern for.  I am thinking something like a simple sheath to show off the large scale print of the fabric.

Just a lovely little rayon challis I was drawn too.

I have no idea what to make with this... I just keep hoarding.

And here are the patterns I have never used that I'd be interested in pairing with some fabric in the near future.

There are more patterns and there is a bit more fabric (just talking about what I would use for me, not what I've got in mind for the girls), but that's the main bulk of it.
So, here's what I'm going to do.  I will, along with Kelly, pledge not to buy any more fabric or patterns for me for the rest of 2013...
 UNTIL/UNLESS I use all of my above pairings.
That means I need to make 13 garments for myself before I buy any more fabric or patterns for myself.
(I keep saying "for myself" because I'm not making this pledge concerning fabric and patterns for my kids.)

This is a bit flexible if an emergency comes up.  But I promise to fully disclose any emergencies right here on the blog.  :)

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  1. Yay!! I am glad to have someone join me! You have some really great stuff here- those feathers, and that Jay McCarroll drop cloth...I made a Washi dress out of the purple, and I searched everywhere for the blue color that you have. I didn't include my kid fabric/patterns either, I realized after the fact. But I do have a big bin filled with their fabric, oh boy. Definitely enough to last a while :) I look forward to seeing all your makes!