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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Of Course

Dreaming up decorating ideas for our new house is taking up any extra brain space or free time I have as of late.  I LOVE design and decorating and at one time, wanted to study interior design in college.  As an aside, I might have except my parents and I were both so homophobic at the time that it was marked off the list as a major that would attract too many gay people.
So I chose dance.   hmmmmm.

I've been considering kind-of a comfy cottage chic feel for the living room.  Color scheme: light neutrals with a pop of color.  Yesterday, on the way home from visiting family over the 4th, my hubby turns and says he would like the living room to be mid-century modern.  He loves Mad Men and really got turned on to the style represented in that show.  Our new house was built in the 50's so it certainly wouldn't feel out of place to consider furnishings from or inspired by that era.
I can still do neutrals with a pop of color.  Comfortable, but not overstuffed.
I've been looking around for some color inspiration and I finally found it in a dress I recently bought my daughter from a local boutique.  I immediately recognized the fabric as Amy Butler's and knew I wanted some accent pillows covered in it.
I searched and searched online for the pattern and couldn't see it anywhere.  I despaired, realizing that if it, in fact, wasn't Amy Butler, then I would have no earthly idea how to go about finding it.  I tried one more thing.  I went on her site to look through all her fabrics there, just in case the stores I had checked online happened not to carry the print I was hunting.  Sure enough!  I found it!  Amy Butler Belle Gothic Rose in blue.
Back to my search for some yardage.  Then, do my dismay and with renewed despair, I discovered that this print had been discontinued and was very hard to find.  I went to Etsy.  I went to Ebay.  No good.  I found one store that listed it in their inventory, but when I went to purchase, they revealed that, of course, they were out of stock.
I found another store that listed it.  I typed 3 yards in and headed to checkout.  Despair doubles.  Two little red stars appear signaling that my item is either out of stock or they do not have the yardage to fill my order.  I went back just to check and see if, beyond all hope, the stars might indicate the latter.  I typed in 0.5 yards.  Success!  I tried 1 yard.  Success!  1.5. Again, hope springs eternal.  I tried for 2.5 and was denied.

I have, just previous to this blog post, purchased the last 2 yards of Gothic Rose in blue on the face of the earth.  Hope you didn't want any.

This dress is suddenly worth more to me than the $20 I paid for it..

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