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Saturday, December 3, 2011


(Arg!  The dern spacing is off and I can't fix it!  Alright, you can read now.)

Merry early Christmas to moi!  I have admired these two particular prints from Amy Butler's Lark fabric line ever since the pre-order phase on Fabric.com.
When I saw it on the bolt at Bernina Sewing Etc, a quilt shop near Jackson, I was overcome and could no longer resist the chance to wear these amazing prints.
I made my third gathered skirt.  It's so basic, just one yard of fabric cut in half from selvage to selvage and then sewn together at the short edges to make a ginormous tube.  A quarter yard of coordinating fabric, also cut in half from selvage to selvage and sewn together at the short ends. Fold it in half to make a band and sew to the bottom of the main fabric.  Take some gathering stitches around the top (I did three rows this time after seeing the Snippet email Collette recently sent out about how much more even the gathers are), gather, and stitch to elastic with a zig-zag stitch, stretching the elastic a bit as you go.  It's pretty basic, just tedious.

I love the idea of a full skirt, very vintage, but I find them a bit fussy to wear because I'm so particular about how the fabric falls.  I think this skirt needs pressing to tame the poofiness up top and I'm also hoping it will relax some after washing.

In past versions I haven't had pockets. since they are pretty easy to add and I certainly enjoy them when I have them, I thought I should put in the extra effort for this one. Of course I love them.
It probably needs tights to fully winterize it, but I think this skirt may just become a year-round favorite.


  1. Saw your post on HDH and I can't explain how much I LOVE this skirt!! :)

  2. Me too! How did you calculate how much elastic you needed for the waist? And how wide elastic did you use? I think I would like to make one for my 13 yo dd for the Christmas program she is singing in on Christmas eve.

  3. Hey Eileen, you are a no-reply blogger, so hopefully, you'll see this comment. I just wrapped the elastic around my waist to the tightness I was comfortable with and cut it an inch longer so I'd have a half-inch seam allowance. As for the thickness, that's up to you too, but I think this elastic is about 3 inches wide. Good luck!

  4. Are you on fb or anything? I want to be your friend because I love all of your sewing projects :-)

  5. Adorable skirt and I will have to try this technique soon! Thanks for linking up.

  6. I'm in love with this skirt. I've got some AB quilt cotton skirts that NEVER relaxed, so you might have to learn to love the pouf .:D Good thing it's so adorable on you!