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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pantone for Spring

from www.theperfectpallette.com
I noticed this morning that the Pantone colors for Spring 2012 are official.  I like to use my own likes and dislikes to guide me when I'm buying fabric or planning some sewing, but I think it would be a fun exercise to attempt some pairings or even some new sewing with these colors in mind.
First things first.  Let's find out what is already in my wardrobe that attempts to represent these colors.
Pictures are pulled from all year and are varying in quality.  Most are me made, but a couple are not.
You'll notice that Margarita and Cockatoo are my comfort zone (and apparently Amy Butler's too, since her fabrics are where you'll see these two colors below).  

Margarita, Cockatoo and Tangarine Tango


Margarita, Tangerine Tango, Cockatoo, Cabaret, Sodalite Blue (wow! little did I know what a great color investment this skirt would be!)

(This is a dress that is in the refashion-into-a-skirt queue currently) Sodalite Blue, Cabaret


Cockatoo, Margarita, Sweet Lilac

Driftwood, very soft Tangerine Tango and very soft Cabaret

finally, some Solar power and a little of almost everything else too!

Tangerine Tango

Sweet Lilac

Margarita, Cabaret, Cockatoo

Looks like I could use some more of the colors at the top of the list, huh?  
I love Solar Power, but I don't know how exactly to use it so it compliments my complexion.  
My very fave nail polish is OPI's Done Out in Deco, so I'm glad to see I'll be right in fashion wearing it this Spring since it's pretty much the same color as Bellflower.

No other thoughts right now, except that with a quick look-see, I'm not really finding anything in my fabric stash that would build very well on these colors.  Oh well, I've got a pretty good start.

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  1. Oooh, I hadn't seen these yet! Do they have the designer pdf with all the sketches in it this year? I love that thing. These are all favorite colors of mine too. I think Sodalite Blue may be the only one I don't have in my wardrobe already.

    Your projects are adorable, I"m glad you found me so I found you! haha! I'm off to peruse your archives. LOVE your S2591 too, thanks for pointing it out! So cute, and with sleeves! Most people have left off the sleeves.