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Monday, January 2, 2012

Big Plans

Look at that shopping cart of awesomeness.  
The first awesome thing I'd like you to notice is that there are not two girls taking up space in the cart where there should be fabric.  The other awesomeness is fairly obvious...

I am planning ahead for 2012.  I'm not making any resolutions per se, but I am trying to be more thoughtful about my sewing and I'm also trying to maximize the patterns and fabrics I already have before I purchase anything new (I'll explain the full cart in a minute).  The first thing I did was get all my patterns out and all my fabric out and start matching.  I've been somewhat paralyzed with doubt about what to use with what, but I had a stroke of boldness and inspiration and was able to match almost every piece of fabric I have (except for some single yard cuts of quilting cottons).
Then I picked a few patterns that didn't have any fabric match and wrote down all the notions I needed for everything and made a list for the fabric store.  Hancock was having a big sale and I also had a $10 off coupon.

Now, I'll share with you some of my planned pairings.  These fabrics are from my stash, Fabric.com and my recent trip to Hancock.

The one I'm probably most excited about is my new Colette Macaron pattern that I got for Christmas.  I've been waiting patiently for Fabric.com to restock Children at Play, specifically, Balloons in Aqua.  When I saw it on my computer screen, my mind went to my new pattern and I decided they were a match made in heaven.  I bought some soft gray for the top to, ahem, grow it up a bit.

I had the hardest time deciding at Hancock what fabric to get for this dress.  I was really drawn to this chartruese rayon with lavender flowers, but I would have liked to have a mirror to see if I could actually wear this color without looking sickly.  Too late now.  I decided to just go with what I loved, since that seems to have worked out for me in 2011.

This fabric is also from Hancock, but it's been in my stash for a long time.  I got it pretty early on in my adventure of sewing for myself and then was too scared to use it.  Well, I'm not scared any more and I'll be making the little red version there on the envelope.

These are both from my stash, originally bought from Fabric.com.  I bought the brown with orange flowers for super deep discount and planned to make a different pattern, but I've changed my mind.  This half yard of Michael Miller hedgies has been patiently waiting for me to find a place for them and I think I'll be able to make them a border as in the bottom left dress on the envelope. 

Another Colette pattern I got for Christmas paired with a remnant I got... somewhere.  I'm a little concerned the stripes are too wide for my small frame, but I'm GOING to make them into something and I'm sure not going to make a shirt, so, skirt it is.  This is a home decor weight fabric.  I may look like a walking awning...

This next pattern I got just for the white jumpsuit, but I'm kind-of liking the dress and the tunic now, too. The tunic is made for knits and I just happened to get this beautiful and luciously soft knit remnant while in DC.  I don't usually do big billowy tops, but it might be cute with leggings or as a beach cover-up??  I was originally thinking about a dress for this fabric, but I already have a dress in very similar colors from New York and Co.

Item number 2 from this pattern will be the dress, also made with fabric purchased in DC.

Vintage!  I'll be attempting the dress on the right using this large plaid tablecloth I found at a consignment shop for $9.

THIRD item from this pattern will be a green jumpsuit.  This is not a grey-green as it looks to be in the picture, but a beautiful spring green gabardine I bought specifically with this pattern in mind.  It will be my first time sewing a solid colored garment and my first time sewing with gabardine.  It seems to be such a favorite on the Sew Weekly and I'm looking forward to it.

Also from a remnant picked up in DC, this highly blogger-recommended repro pattern.  I bought it mainly for the pants, which I've been too scared to make thus far, but I'm being bold, remember?  I think they could look a bit Anthro if I add a bow sash at the waist.

And speaking of pants... the third Colette pattern I got for Christmas will be the catalyst to make me bold enough to try pants this year.  I bought these two colors of Bengaline stretch suiting (whatever that is) on sale from Fabric.com and I couldn't wait to start these.  I couldn't decide which color to cut into first and make as a muslin, so I let my husband pick.  He picked red and I'm about 3/4 of the way to having some really cute red pants!

I'm going to try to be better about taking pictures of finished projects and posting reviews this year, but no promises. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with come finished red Clovers. :)


  1. Nice plan for pairings. Don't you just love the new year for fresh starts?
    I especially love the Macaron choices, can't wait to see that one sewn up!

  2. Those are some pretty plans, I love your fabric choices!

  3. did you make the collete? I've been scared of trying them since I hear they are made for a more average gal