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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jumping on the Renfrew Bandwagon

 I apologize for the cell phone mirror pictures.  My face is badly broken out and I'm having some no-makeup days to give it a break.  I didn't feel like doing a whole styled photo shoot just to have my head chopped off.  I do definitely want to show you some outfits, though, eventually.

I splurged.  In so many ways, the Sewaholic Renfrew was a splurge for me.  I haven't spent more than $10 on any one pattern in the past, so $16 (+ shipping!) is a hard number to swallow... and for what?  A T-shirt pattern!  I can buy t-shirt's at Target for $3 on the clearance rack that I like perfectly fine.
somebody bought some stuff from my shop so I had some PayPal money and I kept getting emails about the pre-order for this pattern with a free shipping code.  Then I started to see the testers' creations pop up.  And I got more and more curious.
I finally decided I couldn't really rationalize it, but that I would just splurge.  I ordered the pattern on the last day of the pre-order and it shipped very soon afterward.
JoAnn Fabrics was opening soon and there were sure to be a decent selection of knits and maybe I could catch a sale or get a coupon.
And that's just what I did.  I went opening day to the shiny new JoAnn's and got some purple knit at 40% off.  Then I came home and made this the next day.

I was so thrilled (despite having cut the pieces with the stretch going the wrong direction) that I wore it to church the next day and immediately threw it in the wash that evening so it would be ready to wear again.  Cost of this shirt - $23

As I was thinking about getting dressed half-way through the day today, (yes, I was in my pj's until after lunch) I was very tempted to go grab my purple cowl t-shirt again.  As I was tidying up a bit, I discovered this forgotten yard of knit fabric in my stash and immediately knew that I MUST MAKE ANOTHER RENFREW.  I whipped this one up in about an hour while my girls were napping and get this, I used LESS than a yard.  Isn't that fabulous!?

New cost analysis:
purple cowl - $15 (half the price of the pattern plus the cost of fabric)
apple scoop neck - $6 (half the price of the pattern and free fabric from stash)

And now it's not seeming quite as expensive.  Big sigh of relief and two cute t-shirts for me!


  1. *squeal* I love the apple one!

  2. They're both great - I love the cowl particularly. The fit just looks so perfect!