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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "No, I'm Not the Plumber" Jumpsuit

What was the Muslin of Hope mentioned in the previous post almost turned into just another project to dash my hopes.  I'll let you read about it below in the post that was featured today on The Sew Weekly.  Yes.  I was a featured contributor today!  I've been following along with the weekly challenges (the button challenge for two weeks ago was my "Please Strangle Me" Blouse and I also did the make this look challenge, but haven't blogged it yet) but I haven't actually submitted any posts as a Sew Weekly contributor until this jumpsuit.  I hope to submit good enough posts to be featured a few more times this year.
Here are some pics, but go on over and read the actual feature for yourself.  I'm just tickled.


  1. Ack! This is so cute! I will have copied half of your wardrobe as I fully intend to make-this-look all over your Macaroon ;D
    Off to read your SW post.

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