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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wide-leg Pants

I'm ready to reveal my new wide-leg chambray pants.  These are self-drafted, elastic-waisted and a pretty fun shape.  The eyelet trim wasn't in the original plan, but even after adding length at the bottom when I cut them so I could have a nice thick hem, I ended up with a skinny hem and the need for about a half-inch more length.

I think the length issue ended up with a happy ending and adds another touch of unique to these. (worn with Simplicity 1872)

I tucked in a shirt for you so you could see the waist.  I made the front pieces almost the same as you would for a flat front pant and added all the extra in the back.  That's where I need it anyway.

Don't tell anyone, but I aspire to create a pattern for these.  I have plans to start drafting next week!


  1. Love! Good luck with the pattern drafting :)

  2. How fabulous do you look! So beautiful!

    Lily @ http://blackchinos.com

  3. Cute! i thought the eyelet was pom pom trim at first, which would also be cute!