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Sunday, July 1, 2012

McCall's 6349

My first underlining.  My first exposed zipper.  My first time sewing with seersucker (I realize that's not really an accomplishment, but it's still a first).
And, my first time using a tripod to help me take pictures.  Brilliant idea, I know.  Who would've thought that using a tripod might be easier than balancing the camera on pillows?

I was inspired after finishing this dress to do a "one dress four ways" post like Jessica Quirk at What I Wore.  Sorry I don't have a bag too, but you do what you can with the brain cells and time you have left after 3/4 of the day with two toddlers has already passed. 

First up: my pin-up impression

You get a peek at the exposed zipper and the grosgrain ribbon tie I had to add at the top to cover the exposed zipper tape ends.  I just used a 7" jeans zipper and it almost wasn't long enough.

Here's my patriotic get up.  This dress is definitely a good candidate for the 4th, but it would be a shame to get barbecue sauce on it...

Probably my favorite look, just because this necklace (BaubleBar) and these shoes (GoJane) are brand new.  I was really getting desperate for poses and was trying to channel my Anthropologie catalog for this one. :)

The lining and underlining of the dress is Moda Sunkissed quilting cotton.  I had it in my stash waiting to be the backing for a quilt I started two February's ago (!!!), but I don't think I want a big ivory quilt back any more.... if I ever even get around to finishing it, that is.
I love script on fabric, so this is just a little happy for me on the inside of the bodice and under the skirt.

Just one more look.  I probably could've found some different shoes, but I was grabbing stuff so fast I just didn't think of it for this outfit.  I researched on Pinterest for ideas and wearing a chambray shirt over this would have never been something I would've thought of if I hadn't seen it in a picture.

I have no idea how I got so many good pictures and had so many posing ideas because the rest of my day was bananas and ended on a pretty rotten note.  I wish I could get this inspired and have this many good photos of everything I make!
Find my feature and a little bit more about the actual construction of the dress on The Sew Weekly.


  1. Awesome dress, Sara, made even more appealing by all of your great styling. I want to raid your shoe closet. Love that Bicentennial scarf as well. Very cool.

  2. Hi Sara! I saw your post over at sew weekly, and I was thinking I remember you from Jackson/dancing. Great job on your sewing! It's becoming quite the outlet for me as well.

  3. This is such a great dress! I love it with the red belt and turquoise shoes especially.