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Friday, November 2, 2012

Molly Blossom Patterns!

It's official y'all!  I'm a pattern designer and they are sitting there in my shop waiting to fuel someone's creativity.

There are two bag patterns as of today, but I and my amazingly talented friend/graphic designer, Gifton Gammon are working on more, including some appliqué patterns, to be released by mid-month.

Let me introduce you to the ones hanging out together in my shop right now.

First, there's Vera.

I'll let you go read all about her in my shop, but for starters, Vera is an elegant fold-over clutch with zippered closure and some hidden outer pockets.  She has three pleats right there on the front for a fun design element.

Then there's Henrietta.
She was born amidst a sermon and scribbled out on a bulletin.  Inspired, you might say. ;)

I've been making zippered pouches for a while for my shop, but I do so love a bow.  Henrietta is a nice little mix of easy-to-make and "Wow, did you make that!?  She can cover the range from cute to elegant, all depending on the fabrics you choose.

Please stop by and meet them personally. :)