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Thursday, October 3, 2013


I bought some jegging fabric, like, months ago and it's been sitting in a pile.  I was in my post about plans to sew things... my stashbusting post and I've finally busted it!
I had plans to sew some leggings for myself and for my two girls and I've sewn two out of three, so that's something!
Here are mine, made from McCalls 6173.  Sorry, no awesome or styled shots.  These are just with the t-shirt I had on and with my Photo Booth on my Mac.

I altered the fit (again... this is the second, maybe third time) and I'm kind-of sorry I did because they are a leeeeeetle tight for this particular fabric, especially at the calves.
I wanted to do something different with these besides hem them at the bottom so I made long cuffs.  I was thinking of doing little buttons up the outside of the cuffs, but I'm not sure if they would bother me with boots on.

I don't even really have anything in mind to wear them with, besides boots.  What do you wear jeggings with?
I made them with a knit waist band because I was inspired by another pattern to try it out on these.

Wanna see the other pair of leggings and see the inspiration for the knit waistband?

It's Titchy Threads Fancy Pants pattern. It's part of the Sew Fab bundle, one of 26 patterns for $29.95
My babe is wearing her Fancy Pants jeggings with the Molly Blossom Buttercup Tunic.

This leggings pattern is really great.  There is a long and short version and a knit waistband option (thus the idea for mine). There's a panel in the bum that's great for nappy-wearing babes or just for active toddlers who want to do "tricks" without splitting a seam.

If you have a babe or two of your own and you'd like to see what else is in the Sew Fab bundle has to offer before it's gone on October 8th, you can read about the rest of it here.

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