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Thursday, October 10, 2013

There's No Saving It

Some times I can get myself out of a pickle, and sometimes, I can just tell that it's not worth trying.
I need to go get some shut-eye, so this is going to be short and sweet.

I cut this out a long time ago so I haven't the faintest idea why it's so short.  It can't be the pattern (Simplicity 2599), because this pattern is well-reviewed and well-loved.
Issue Number 1: too short for some unknown reason
Issue Number 2: dart in completely wrong place for me

See where my fingertip is?  That's the end of the dart.  See where my thumb is?  That's where I need the dart to point to and to end.
I can't blame the pattern on this one either because I didn't mark my darts very well.  It usually turns out pretty ok when I eye it, but not this time!

Issue Number 3: the poofy ruffles!

This synthetic something-or-other fabric that I got from Hancock's sure is pretty, but it won't hold a crease and it's too floaty and not drapey enough for those ruffles.  They look downright stupid.  Very clown-like.

Issue Number 5: print + ruffles = too loud and confusing

I actually think the lovely spatter print on this fabric that I was attracted to, doesn't really work with all the ruffles.  It's too much going on, yes?

Just goes to show how important it is to match the right fabric type and print to the right pattern.  And how important it is to cut things out according to the pattern.... and to sew them according to the pattern.
Really, pretty much everything is important.  It was all too much stacked against this top for it to have any hope of not being a wadder.


  1. oh no! Bummer! Maybe you can redo it into something else, someday. It's cool fabric!

  2. i love that you showed us this.

    and actually there's something interesting about the structure of those ruffles. in (egads) a solid dark color, they could really be a statement!

    i must have not had enough coffee yet........