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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Picture Sewing

Happy New Year's Eve!
My blog has somewhat fallen by the wayside.  It just hasn't been as exciting or important to get modeled shots of everything I'm making for myself and my girls lately.
I will share with you my Christmas photo and tell you about the me-made's in the picture.

I am wearing my second version of Vogue 8742.  I must not have cut the knit quite on the grain, because the seams were all twisty towards the bottom of the dress (which has nothing to do with me crossing my legs... I was trying to stop the wind from making me have a Betty Boop moment with the dress showing the "v" of my crotch area.  It kinda worked.).  I may try to cut it to tunic length to get some wear out of it, but honestly, I'm totally happy just sewing it for this picture.  The fabric cost me about $12 and I had already sewn it in purple, so it went quickly.  I couldn't have found it in a store as quickly as I sewed it, nor for that price, so I'm content.
My girls are wearing t-shirts made from Burlap Button's Tummy Topper pattern and the pettiskirts are from Tulips and Eidelweiss' Lulu pattern.  I highly recommend both patterns, although they are on opposite ends of the spectrum for time investment.  The Tummy Topper is so quick and easy.  The Lulu is tedious and time consuming, but well written with super awesome payoff at the end.

I barely finished all the sewing before we left for Destin and was just crossing my fingers for one good shot.  We had the camera on the tripod in the sand and set it to take, like, 10 consecutive shots with a delay before starting so my husband could push the button and then run to his spot in the sand.

We had a bit of a setback when the wind kicked up.

Expensive Nikon crashing down into sandy beach = not good.

We set it back up and buried the tripod a little deeper in the sand and it was after that that we got the shot that we put on our Christmas card, so I'm glad we pressed on.

Maybe we'll get an actual photographer next year.  Who knows?


  1. Lovely photo! Great colors :) Happy New Year!

  2. I love the photo and what you've made! I hope the camera didn't suffer any damage or get sand in delicate places! Wishing you as well all the best for the new year! I'll see you around! :D

    1. The lens still makes a bit of a grinding sound as it focuses even after my husband spent quite a long time with a brush and an air squeezer thingy working to get the sand out. Everything still seems to work fine, though. Thank goodness. That could have been one very expensive Christmas photo.

  3. Love the colours!! I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. You will hear from me soon!