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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Five

I did a couple posts last year outlining favorites and fails and goals, but I'm condensing.  I guess I've gotten lazy?  I'm just not that into recording thoughts/reviews about what I'm sewing as much lately.  Maybe I'll get my blog mojo back soon.
Let's start with goals.  My goals last year were:

1. Sew a coat.  I have the pattern.  I have the fabric.  I've just got other stuff in line before it.

Aaaaaand there's still no coat.  I still have the fabric and the pattern.  In fact, I've also got a vintage little girl coat pattern now too.  So, I'll see that goal and raise you to two coats this year.

2. Sew a swimsuit.  I attempted panties recently and it wasn't a total fail.  I could see how, with a few more tries and some tweaking, I could come up with some comfortable swim bottoms and that opened up the possibility of making my own swimsuit.  That would be so cool.

I did tweak and try again.  I ended up with some decent swim bottoms and a decent top that still needs padding added, but honestly, I won't be wearing it at a pool.  I still have enough fabric for two more tries and I will continue to make it my goal to make a swimsuit I love and will WEAR.

3. Sew something for my husband.  I don't even know what it would be, but I know I would bust with pride if he ever actually wore and enjoyed something I made him.  I'd love to accomplish that.

I did not accomplish this BUT!  I have a two Departure Satchels cut out. One for me and one to surprise him with for our 3-day Walt Disney World trip in Fabruary.  So I will accomplish this goal in the next month.

4. Take control of my sewing space.  My sewing has really just become an out-of-control craft.  It wasn't really properly planned for.  It just happened.  This year, I need to recognize that it's a hobby that is sticking around and organize to make it more accessible and enjoyable.

I did this... sorta.  I have hooks to hang my scissors on, shelves for my books, a cabinet for my fabric.  But guess what?  My scissors still hang out on my sewing table and my fabric is spread out in piles all over the floor.

5. Finish the ridiculous postage stamp quilt that I started TWO YEARS AGO!!  I am just going to feel like such a lame failure in the back of my head until I FINISH IT!

Haven't TOUCHED it.

So my goals for this year will be much the same.

1. Sew a coat for me and one for one of my girls.

2. Try again to sew a swimsuit.

3. Sew something for my husband.

4. Continue to organize my sewing space.

5.  Pooh on the darn quilt for now.  I'm going to make my last goal to sew more from the Ottobre mags I have.

Ok, maybe I will break this post up into several.  I'll do top 5 makes in another post.
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  1. great goals! I need to finish the sweat pants I started to sew for husband! Doh! And I want to sew more from Ottos, too.

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