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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Space

We moved last weekend and we are trying our best to find a place for everything and put everything in a place in our new rental.  Good news:  there's a finished basement where there is plenty of room to spread out my sewing stuff.  Bad news: unpacking and organizing is slow going with two little ones and my sewing mojo is waning.

Here is what my sewing space looks like currently.

It will still not be the cutest thing ever when it's finished because we are just renting and we are trying to save money right now after all the moving expenses.  When we get our own house and have a bit more cash flow, there will be cute rugs, paint and more organizational furniture involved.  I'm just glad to have plenty of space.

I just discovered that Kids Clothes Week, the challenge where you sew one hour a day for seven days for your kids, begins next week.  I signed up today to try to give myself a reason to get things organized quickly so that I can devote some time to sewing and not be consumed by unpacking.

I have a few things already planned that I can go ahead and cut out in my down time to make and I also have at least four previously cut things still waiting for someone to put them together.

kid's clothes week

You should go check out the KCW blog.  There's tons of inspirational posts about patterns, color, spring, and other stuff to get your wheels turning as well as GIVEWAYS!

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