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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Me Made May - Days 25-31

May 25th - This is a self-drafted dress I based off of a dress already in my closet.  I saw this tie dye fabric at JoAnns last year and fell in love instantly.

May 26th  - same as May 2nd

May 27th - I decided I wanted a maxi dress with a slit in the front, but I had no pattern.  I used a Butterick dress pattern for the bodice and just lengthened the skirt and added a seam down the middle front.  I sewed the seam to where I wanted the slit to begin and then sewed down the seam allowance on either side of the slit.

I wore it to my anniversary date with my hubby.  We went to the symphony and then dinner. We didn't get very good pictures of the dress, but we had a very nice time celebrating 12 years of marriage.

May 28th - Yet another item that I hardly take out of my closet.  I definitely don't wear it in warm weather because I don't like the fabric I chose for the back, so I like to wear it with a cardigan.  Fortunately, we had a cool day and I took advantage of it.  This is a McCall's pattern I put together with some ITY fabric.  It's definitely a unique piece in my closet.  

It's a little fussy to wear because that front drape opens up all the way to my belly button.  I have to pin it closed and keep an eye on it.  It's a ton of fabric and feels kinda weird on, but I do like the unique look.

My 29th - Another Target and Thread and Grain collaboration.  It's my new Tango top!  I was a ballroom dance instructor for a few years, but don't really get to dance or teach anymore, so I couldn't resist the throwback to a bygone era.  It's also kinda like wearing a secret code that only some people would recognize.  But now, you are someone who can recognize it if you see it, because now you know that slow, slow, quick, quick, slow is the tempo for the steps to the basic Tango pattern.

But that doesn't really count as a handmade.  Here is todays sewn wearable, my headband.

May 30th - same as May 5th

May 31st - I bought three iron-ons from Thread and Grain and I saved the best for last.  "Fabric is my Love Language." Perfect, right?  I put my other two iron-ons on Target tees, but that didn't feel right for this one.  I felt like the tee needed to be me made.  This is a Riley Blake knit stripe made into a basic tee with a little special treatment on the neckband. I cut the fabric strip diagonally so the stripes would spiral around the neck.

So there we have it!  Another Me Made May in the books.  I think that was my best one so far and I got such a great response on Facebook and it inspired me to get to sewing again and add some things I love to my wardrobe.  I might just do it again in September.  There was a Self Stitched September one year.  I might do my own if no one else starts one this year.
Well, I've got more to cut and more to sew and more to plan, so I'd better not waste any time...