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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Me Made May - Days 19-24

May 19th - Leggings I made with a McCalls pattern a loooong time ago and have hardly ever worn.  I'm really not a leggings gal.  I want to be...seems really convenient.  I'm just not.  They were definitely comfortable to sit in my car with a cup of coffee while my two-year-old took the rest of a nap he began on the way home.

May 20th - I discovered Thread and Grain, y'all.  I had seen Katy's picture around the sewing world as a tester for various patterns, but I didn't know until recently that she had her own sewing and design business.  I really want a Cricut or some kind of vinyl cutting device, but until then, a $7 iron-on from Thread and Grain + a $3 clearance Target tee will hold me over pretty nicely.  I made the chambray button down from a Lisette pattern.

May 21st - I started feeling like I was really running out of things that I wanted to wear.  I was longing for my ready-to-wear favorite items and I just couldn't stand it any longer!  So I used a me-made clutch as my item and felt like I was cheating, but the truth is, this clutch doesn't get a lot of love and I forgot how much I really like it, so it was great to bring it out again.

The pattern is from Charlie's Aunt.  There are some really unique and innovative bag styles in her shop, although I don't see this one any more.  It's the Casablanca Clutch.

My 22nd - same shirt as May 8th.

May 23rd - same pants as May 3rd.  Told you I was running out of things...

May 24th - My first try at a Style Arc Pattern.  I was on the hunt for a twisty tie-front shirt pattern and really looked everywhere, both indie PDF designers and the Big 4 patterns, and couldn't find one that was what I had in mind.  I did come across the Style Arc Dee Knit Top and eventually came back around to it after seeing some examples sewn up.  I had heard not so good things about their directions, but I thought I could probably figure it out.  I also saw that it was looking a bit longer than I would like on other ladies, so I shortened it by a few inches.... but it was still another 4-5 inches too long for my taste!  Now that I've gotten it the way I like it, I do like the pattern, perfect for thin or drapey knits.