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Monday, November 29, 2010

A No-Sew Project for Everyone!

Cuteness alert!

I had to share the cuteness.

All this is courtesy of Lil' Blue Boo's blog and her helpful recommendations of a place to get lovely free downloadable designs and super-soft transfer paper.
Go read to find out what she recommends. (you can get to her tutorial through the link below)

Here is the direct link for the deer design.

And here is my finished product.  I just did exactly what she recommended and ordered the transfer paper, downloaded the image full size, printed it and ironed it onto a white tee from Target.
I had already made the fun knit ruffles to go under her Christmas dress.  They just happened to be the perfect accompaniment for the shirt.



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  2. LOVE these (color, fit, big ric rac, etc). Would you be willing to make these for my 3 yr old? I'd pay you!! Please! :)))

  3. Hey Sandy, you are a "no reply" blogger so I have no way to message you, but if you see this, you can email me at MollyBlossomDesign@yahoo.com and we can talk.

  4. Hey Sara...I sent you an email. Hope you got it! Thanks!!