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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me Made - Day 1

I don't plan to do extensive posts with each day I wear a Me Made in June, especially since there will be some repeats, but I do want to document my observations. This challenge is to keep my efforts to sew meaningful by keeping me accountable to actually wear the things I put my time and effort into. It's also to make me think about how much I enjoy or don't enjoy wearing a certain piece of clothing so that I can make better choices in the future and know which patterns would be good ones to reuse.

Observations about this McCalls 6112 dress:
I've only worn this dress one other time and I didn't have the elastic for the waist. I hacked it by using a drawstring from another dress and totally forgot until I put it on again today. The drawstring is working fine, but I'm very aware that there is a purple drawstring inside my skirt, even if others don't know.

The neck is too big to wear without slipping to the side and revealing a bra strap. It would be ok layered with a bra-strap concealing tank, but it's way too hot to layer in the summer in Jackson, MS.

I didn't hem the skirt because knit doesn't fray. Well, this knit is all ragged looking at the bottom now, so I need to hem it.

I'm always concerned about a panty line in knits, but after really staring hard at my butt in the mirror, walking around, coming back to a mirror and staring hard again.... I don't see one. This knit is pretty thick, so I think I needn't worry. I was still nervous wearing it out. I hate panty lines.

I remember this dress being quick and easy to put together and I think it would be a great idea for me to make view A to add another comfy dress to my closet.



  1. I do the exact same thing - scrutinizing for a panty line - I can't stand it! Glad to know I'm not the only one paranoid about it, especially with knits, like you said.

  2. yall are cracking me up on the panty line! i always say when i see a horrendous one in public, did they NOT look at their bottom before they left???

  3. This is an awesome summery dress! So chic and modern. Hilarious about the purple drawstring but no one will ever know :)