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Friday, June 3, 2011

Me Made - Day 2

I was planning on making a scarf out of this fabric. Boy am I glad just about now that I changed my mind. :D

I finished this skirt up this morning. I've been such a good girl with following patterns lately, but I fell off the wagon with this skirt. I went back to my old ways of thinking "That's not that hard, I can just cut something out, sew it together and it'll be fine."
Well... that might be ok for me when I'm cutting $1 a yard clearance fabric, but not lovely Anna Maria Horner voile.

In the spirit of my blog. I did get myself into a bit of a pickle. I started out with the vision of an A-line maxi skirt with an elasticized waist. Easy enough. Did that. Hated it. Too plain, too poofy and looked home made, which is NOT my goal.
Shirring to the rescue. I just crossed my fingers and shirred row after row hoping that would kill the poof. And it did.

I liked the way it looked on my hips after shirring the waist, but I didn't like the plain a-line going down to a plain hem. I used the REST (as in ALL, NONE LEFT, no room for mistakes) of my fabric to create a ruffle at the bottom. I didnd't want to cut off any of the beautiful fabric to make it shorter before adding the ruffle, so by default, it became a high-waisted skirt.

(sorry for the fuzzy pics.  I've learned to use my timer on my camera, but not how to make it focus on me...)
I think, worn over the tank top of my choice, it will just look like a dress, which is perfect. I could not be happier with how it looks and the comfort level in the heat is phenomenal.
This will be packed in my suitcase for vacation next week.