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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Vision in Plaid

I just caught a vision and I have to share before I forget.
I received my Lola Goes Shoppin' bag pattern from Izzy and Ivy this week and just stuck it in my pattern bin with all the others waiting for some love.

THEN... I ran across this brand called Ness and caught a vision for my Lola bag.

I'm not usually interested in plaid, but these tartan bags from Ness are too cute.  I think a Lola in tartan would be perfect for cold weather.  
Now to find a tartan as cute as the ones on the Ness website...


  1. I've wanted that pattern for a REALLY long time! I'm looking forward to seeing how yours comes out!

  2. i made that pattern a few months ago using some big alexander henry floral. but i never thought about plaid. i think it's a marvelous idea. i've never had a plaid bag before....