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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The "Create Your Own Vacation" Resort Ensemble

This post is almost exactly the one I submitted to The Sew Weekly for the "Vacation" theme.  I added a couple things for more detail here.  Enjoy!
We just took a beach trip and it was lovely. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re really on vacation with two little ones in tow, but this time it really did feel like a fun vacation, so that was excellent.
BUT… if I were to design my perfect vacation, this would be what I would wear.

Fabric: taupe jersey knit from Fabric.com and taupe zebra ITY knit also from Fabric.com
Patterns: McCalls 6559 and McCalls 6173
Year: current
Notions: FOE and reg. elastic
Time to complete: about 3 hours for both
First worn: for these pictures
Wear again? Yes. probably not together, unless my dream vacation comes true.
So let me lay it out for you. This is Sara Upshaw Resort Activewear 2012. The leggings are soft and comfortable, not too tight and a little long for an effect reminiscent to leg warmers from my dance background. The tunic/dress is jersey in the front and ITY in the back for fun (but also because I hate it when knits stick to my booty and get all wonky, so the ITY is nice and slippery so there’s no wonky sticking).
My morning would begin with some meditation in a large room with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the ocean. 

The day would continue with a ballet class (not too strict) with a live cellist and more floor to ceiling windows, this time looking out over lush gardens.

After a stroll through the garden, enjoying the cool breeze from the nearby ocean, I would participate in a stretching class and then have some lunch and a fruity drink.
Before the day continues, I know y'all are curious about the fit of these leggings.  This is my second pair and I didn't do a whole lot differently from the first pair.  I kept the same fit in the back, but tapered starting at the thigh down to an xs since my first pair were quite roomy... for leggings.  

Relaxation would be on the menu for the afternoon, including a hot stone massage, manicure and pedicure.
Later that night there would be latin dancing in an outdoor pavilion complete with all sorts of awesome leads to dance with and a full latin orchestra.

  I love the high-low hem for dancing, but I'd need to get some more jersey to make myself some bike shorts.
I dug out my ballroom shoes (from 7 years ago!) for y'all...

After some exhilerating dancing to some exhilarating music, a group of us would head out to the beach to watch the sun set and listen to the waves.
And I’d probably want to do it all over again the next day… so I’d probably need to make something else to wear. :)


  1. I think the leggings look fantastic! There might be a little extra length between the butt and the knee, but I think that is fine for what they are (leggings). Great job!

  2. I love your mix of fabrics, especially with the hot pink binding. Also, the pictures of you dancing are really cool.