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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Fall Sewing for the Little Ones

I've been continuing to work through all the things I cut out for fall sewing.  I'm trying to be good and finish things instead of just starting them.  I really do like doing the marathon pattern cutting sessions (well, not the sessions themselves) because they make only having a quick half-hour to sew much more productive.  I can just grab a plastic baggie that has my pattern instructions and my already cut fabric and get to work.
Here's a newer pattern in my stash from Burda. (I'll have to check the number later.)  This is the very first time I've bought a Burda pattern.  I never even look through the pattern catalog for Burda when I look for patterns, but I couldn't find a cute overalls pattern in the other books.
This is the little jumper and I made it with the purpose of using up the red riding hood and bunting fabric and at the same time, giving my 4-year old something to wear with her new Gymboree red corduroy pants I bought her for winter.
This runs big but the pieces are well drafted and the instructions are good.  it's a nice little pattern.
I have the overalls cut out for my 2-year-old and hope to get to them soon.

This is a v-neck knit dress (recognize that combo?) called the Sonya Dress from 5 Berries
I like the look of the dress, although the picture on the site is somewhat deceiving because the dress on the dress form is belted, so it looks like a slimmer cut than it actually is.  You can see that the dress is pretty much just an a-line, but you could change the shape and nip it in at the waist or add shirring or add belt carriers for a ribbon or sash.
I had a heck of a time with the v-neck.  I can't say whether that was user error or the instructions not being detailed enough.
Some coral ruffle pants would be divine with this.

Next we have the Maggie Mae dress from Schwin and Schwin.  I know lots of people adore their patterns, but, to be completely honest, I'm having buyer's remorse about the three patterns I purchased from them. :(  (I have the Lovely Rita's and the Abbey Jacket also.)
The patterns are designed for beginners, but I think they could've done some nicer finishes on the button placket in the back and lining without compromising the easy-ness of the pattern. Also, the pleats on front and back are not marked on the pattern.  You are left completely on your own to figure out where to put them and how to make them even.  I have attempted this pattern before and got so frustrated with the pleats that I threw the dress away! 
I was prepared this time, but I still got steamed that I had to spend so much time on the pleats when they could very easily have been marked on the pattern.  If you want it to be easy, then make it easy. If you look at the Flickr group, you'll see all different sizes and placement of pleating.
I got mine pretty near perfect on the front, but I was in a hurry for the back, so they are not perfectly centered.  arg.
Charcoal or peony pink velour or minky pants would cozy this up.

Last, but not least (because it's actually my favorite) my third time making the Brownie Goose Nelle dress.  I love the way this dress shows off fabric.  For some reason, I just don't feel like I need to mix a bunch of fabrics on this dress.  All three times I've made it, I've used just one fabric for the dress.  This is the first time I've added trim on the sleeves.  I ordered several colors of Riley Blake crochet trim with my last Fabric.com order, so this won't be the last time you see it.
Now, you wouldn't really think this would be for fall, but I just so happened to order some periwinkle/purple knit to make myself a pair of Mama ruffles and had enough left over to make some baby ruffles too and they look DIVINE with this dress!

here, let me show you...

SEE!?  I really lucked out.  I added some reproduction vintage fabric for the pocket.
The pocket is from the Monkey's Bug Sweet Sailor Shorts pattern.  I think it's so cute, I just keep putting it on stuff.   

Wouldn't you?  :)