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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Pattern Wishlist

I've already given you my indie pattern wish list.  As I continue to peruse blogs and flickr groups, I continue to see people making beautiful garments, which, of course, makes me want the pattern.  I am, as you may or may not know, on a self-imposed pattern ban.  I must work though half my stash before buying any new patterns for me.  I broke it for this top, but other than that I have been a good girl.  I have been sewing steadily since my ban began, but haven't made it through many patterns yet.  I used to always be so excited to get to the next pattern that it seemed a shame to "waste" time making a duplicate of something.  Of course, now that I actually have the goal of working through my stash, I keep going back to patterns I enjoy and making another!
Since I won't be buying more patterns any time soon at this rate, I'd better blog the ones I like so I can find them easily again.
Just by coincidence, these are all Vogue.
Here we have Vogue 8742 which caught my eye because of this Flickr photo.  Her version is certainly very inspiring and I think a solid knit in a beautiful color would be a perfect choice.

Next is Vogue 8810.  This one, I would surely have never considered because the dress on the model looks awful and the illustrations aren't much better, but I saw a feature on the Vogue facebook page and followed it to this blog post by Sharon Sews.  What a beautiful dress!  Definitely made it to my list purely because of her version.

And Vogue 8815 has been on my mind for a bit.  I want to make this from knit too, which might be tricky since it's not meant to be according to the recommendations on the pattern.  You can see some cute versions here and here.

This pattern (Vogue 8819)  I stumbled across by googling "cardigan pattern" I think.  I had already looked through all the pattern catalogues and didn't see anything that caught my eye and I have this lovely coral and grey striped knit from Girl Charlee just begging to be my favorite new slouchy cardi this fall... but no pattern.  Four Square Walls to the rescue!  I'll probably shorten it a bit and narrow the back panel like she did. 

  One of Vogues newest patterns... found this one all by myself... Vogue 8825.  You can see the other variations here.  I like it as a dress.  I like it as a shirt.  I like the long sleeve.  It seems pretty versatile, like one of those patterns that might keep me from moving on to others because I'd want to make it again. ;)


  1. Coincidentally, I wore my striped Vogue cardigan today! It's a favorite.

    I'm also trying to sew through my pattern stash right now, and just like you, I've suddenly decided to return to patterns I've already used (very rare for me). I'm currently making another Sewaholic Cambie. I guess it's because I don't really like the patterns in my stash so I'm stalling until I feel it's "time" to let myself buy another pattern.

  2. Very nice pattern picks! I recently made V8815. I ended up using a different bodice, because I have no patience for fitting.

  3. Heyheyhey-just a quick note on your comment on Erika Bunker's Vogue 2899-you said your hems were puckering. Here's what works for me: reduce upper thread tension (on your sewing machine) to half or less of what you use for woven fabrics. Using a diff. coloured thread and the little ruler next to the needle, baste straight wide (on the widest straight stitch setting) stitches along the future fold of your hem. Iron that fold in. Then either pin the fold down, or use wash away iron-on stabilizer or seam tape to glue everything together (I just pin because it reduces bulkiness at the hem). Then with the outside of the dress (the right side) under your presser foot (and the seam edge inside) sew over the seam edge either with zizzag stitch or 'L -shaped' stretch stitch, also at a lower upper thread tension. Do not stretch while sewing. Other ways for pucker free knit sewing-make sure you use the correct type of jersey/ ballpoint/ lycra needle. Hope that helps.