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Monday, August 27, 2012

Separates That are More Awesome Together

I have two new pieces to show you today!  Two awesome knits 
= two easy-to-wear pieces that have lots of visual interest.
Both of these patterns I've sewn before and both I made modifications to.  I made and blogged about the shirt here.  This time, I made the cowl less cowly by moving the front "cut on fold" line about an inch off the fold of the fabric, effectively narrowing the front piece by two inches.  I tapered out to a bit wider waist line, but this chevron knit is super stretchy, so I wasn't too worried.
The skirt was attached to a dress the first time I made it.  This time, I used the skirt pieces from the pattern and, instead of attaching them to the top part of the dress, I added a yoga waistband.
And now for a gratuitous number of pictures...


  1. I love those two pieces together!!

  2. I'm overcome with jealousy of your fabric! Please say you got it only for cheap??? Please?

    1. Ooooh, the typos! I meant to ask if you'd bought it "online", not "only!"

  3. Awesome! A very stunning outfit. I could never pull this off, but you definitely can!

  4. Another squee-fest from Sara. Love this ensemble. Sick shoes. It's all amazing.

  5. Awesome ensemble! The skirt's fabric is gorgeous!

  6. wow colourfull and happy :O)

    I saw somewhere that you own the pattern Simplicity 2591. Is it possible that you would like to sell it - or copy it to me. I have been searching everywhere.

    Best regard
    Maja Pedersen
    Denmark :)

  7. Love love love this entire outfit!

  8. Love the mix of prints! Super cute!

  9. Came here because if your sew-vivor entry! Love it! You have a new follower :)