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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Smattering of This and That

Seriously, this post is going to be all over the place.  
First up, my Amy Butler Style Stitches book is for sale. 
It's only $14 shipped.
Some of the bag patterns have been cut, but all pieces are still there.
Comment with your pp addy if you'd like it. :)

Next, a recent pattern purchase.  The Emory Dress from Sew Sweet Patterns.  There was a pattern sale, and I can hardly resist a pattern sale.
I love the outcome!  I made a 3T for my skinny 4-year-old and it fits just the way I'd like.  It was easy to put together, although I can't speak to the quality of the instructions because I didn't use them.
I want to be nice to other pattern designers, as I'm in the midst of trying my hand at it, but just compared to other pdf patterns I've used, I have to warn you that this one would be difficult for a beginner to put together.  Do you see all the page overlap and wonkyness?!  I was really surprised that the page edges didn't line up.  If I didn't know from experience approximately how the pattern pieces were supposed to look, I would have been very confused.

As I said, once the pieces were cut out, they were no problem to put together and I love the result.  This is a dress for our family Christmas picture, so you'll see it again after those are taken. :)
Some of my friends have said this looks somewhat Japanese, which is a great compliment.  Love that.

Ready for more randomness?  I started making jewelry.  Well, on a veeeeeery limited basis.  I just got inspired and couldn't help myself.  You can buy this Gift of the Magi themed necklace here.  I loved that story as a child!

It's fall!  in case you weren't aware...  It's our last fall in Jackson, MS and our last trip to the pumpkin patch here was this past Saturday.  I had to make special outfits, of course.  I used my go to pattern for knit ruffles, Izzy and Ivy's Polly's Playclothes and used the Lily Giggle Zinnia pattern for the floral top on my 4-year-old.
Both are in Chez Ami knits.

Last but not least, I am steadily working with my awesome graphic designer towards a November release of some Molly Blossom patterns.
I have an oversized fold-over clutch, the Wendy zip (already in finished form in my shop), some appliqué designs and...
This is my newest design, being made into a pdf pattern as you read! 
I will surely let you know as soon as my patterns are released in my shop.

phew!  There's been a lot going on, and really there's even more than that, but I'll share the rest later.

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  1. How adorable are they?? that little one's expression is cracking me up! :D How I miss sewing for my girl.