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Monday, December 31, 2012

Planning Ahead for a Special Day

This is my husband's last year of residency and there is an award dinner coming up in a few months.  Last year, I sewed this dress for it.

I'm already thinking about what I will sew this year.  Here are some ideas for patterns so far.

I don't want to do it in anything shiny because I think that would look too prom.  It could look incredible in a flowy floral and that would be more my style anyway.

I'm torn about this one.  I think the skirt is great, but the bodice is blah.

For the same reason I picked the Vogue of last year, I love this one.... the back.  My husband loves seeing some back.  I think this cut out is adorable.  I would make the skirt longer and do it in a fun color I think.

Or I could go with a more simple, body conscious dress and just accessorize with awesome shoes and jewelry.  Well, I'll wear awesome shoes no matter what pattern I choose... :)

Any comments/opinions from y'all?  

Here is what is on my sewing table right now.

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  1. I like both the Vogues, and I like the cocktail length version of 6698. I think that one needs the plainish bodice to balance out the skirt- especially if you do three layers of ruffle!