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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 5 - The Rest

see previous post for explanation and first 3 Top 5's...

Top 5 Bloggers that Inspire Me

Patty the Snug Bug was an awesome blog for me to find, because she showed me that honesty about the shape, size and type of body you have is crucial for building a sewn wardrobe you will seriously consider wearing.  And she's just so sweet and funny.

Erica B's DIY Style is the hit of trendy I crave, mixed with RTW style finds and a good bit of sewing.  The patterns she chooses to sew are always worth a look and often make it on to my own wish-list. Her wardrobe is not in the style I might wear, but the way she mixes RTW with home-sewn is how I see my own approach to being fashionable.  I want to have an individual style with unique handmade pieces, but still have my finger on the pulse of modern fashion.

Green Apples cranks out so many garments and has such good reviews that she has become an important resource for me.  I have bought fabrics and patterns based on what I see on her blog.  I trust her judgement and admire her style choices.

Lladybird is a crazy one.  She's a lot of fun to read and she keeps it real.  She can make fun of a Vogue pattern like none other and, frankly, like I want to sometimes.  She also cranks out a ton of makes and I enjoy her honest assesments of the patterns.

A Fashionable Stitch and Casey's Elegant Musings tie for a spot on my list.  Neither blog do I follow regularly, each of them contributed something important to my sewing journey this year.  I like to pop over every so often and see what they are up to and catch up.  They both have really great sewing tips and links to share.

Top 5 Goals for 2013

I have to admit this is really just off the cuff.  I haven't sat and pondered goals... which I guess is the point.... so I fail.  Oh well.  Here are some goals I have.  They might not end up being the top 5, but they are goals none the less.

1. Sew a coat.  I have the pattern.  I have the fabric.  I've just got other stuff in line before it.

2. Sew a swimsuit.  I attempted panties recently and it wasn't a total fail.  I could see how, with a few more tries and some tweaking, I could come up with some comfortable swim bottoms and that opened up the possibility of making my own swimsuit.  That would be so cool.

3. Sew something for my husband.  I don't even know what it would be, but I know I would bust with pride if he ever actually wore and enjoyed something I made him.  I'd love to accomplish that.

4. Take control of my sewing space.  My sewing has really just become an out-of-control craft.  It wasn't really properly planned for.  It just happened.  This year, I need to recognize that it's a hobby that is sticking around and organize to make it more accessible and enjoyable.

5. Finish the ridiculous postage stamp quilt that I started TWO YEARS AGO!!  I am just going to feel like such a lame failure in the back of my head until I FINISH IT!

:)  Alrighty, time to get ready for church.

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