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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MMM '13 Days 1-7

We are all moved in to our rental in Atlanta, Georgia and I am sooooo glad to be home.  We ate at Panera with family and snapped this photo on the patio of me in my sewn knit cardigan.  This is actually taken on the 2nd, but I make up for my lack of a picture on the first with some extra outfits... you'll see.
I have these Old Navy pants in 5 colors and this orange happened to be a perfect compliment to the cardi.
Baby girl (who's not a baby any more) wanted to be in the picture because she was particularly fond of her hat.

The 3rd found us traveling to DC for a vacation/conference.  My husband is a Radiologist and has been to this conference for the past four years.  I kinda hope he keeps going because I like DC. :)
I wore my Sewaholic Renfrew pieced together with Spoonflower knits.

Day 4.  After walking quite a ways to get to G Street Fabrics to do some shopping, I was glad to be back at the hotel and in bare feet.  There was a HUUUGE mirror and equally huge painting in our room, so this ends up being a nicer-than-usual mirror shot.
The skirt is the me-made.  It began it's life as a maxi dress I made last Summer.  I never wore it as much as I expected too so I cut it apart and decided to try it out as a skirt instead.
 The evening of the 4th, we went to a reception at the conference and used the heavy hors d'oeurves as dinner, then went to Georgetown to get some cupcakes from this awesome place called Baked and Wired.
I wore my Vogue 1224 dress backwards so the neckline was lower in the back.  I kinda liked it better that way.

Here's me just inside the store window of the cupcake shop.  You can see the cupcakes and other desserts under glass globes on the long counter behind me.

The next night, the 5th, we went out to dinner with friends and I wore this black slip dress that I've had since college under my chevron knit McCalls 6078.
(Picture taken in our room... again.)

We are going to be so spoiled after this trip because we went out to dinner with friends AGAIN on the 6th.  We ate at Filomena which happened to be celebrating 30 years of business.  The Pasta Mama stands right in the front window there, making the pasta from scratch.
I wore my zebra print McCalls leggings (terrible for workouts, which I tried last year, but great for warmth on a chilly evening) and carried my Amy Butler Birdie Sling.

Day 7 is a somewhat lame selfie of me in the lobby enjoying the free wine our hotel offers from 5-6 every day.  I wore the pale pink version of those same Old Navy pants as the first day, along with my grumpy cloud tank and a favorite Target cardi.

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