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Monday, May 27, 2013

More Farbenmix and Labels in the Works

The Yelena Sew-Along has begun over at Burlap Button.
I did the first step a day late.

Today's task was to finish the edges and sew the pockets, but when I took all my pattern pieces downstairs along with the pattern, I got distracted by a skirt that needed finishing in my UFO basket.
Then, when I went back to try to work on pockets, I took out my pattern, only to realize/remember that the instructions are not in English and I had forgotten to bring my computer downstairs with me to look up the step by step pictures.  I was not motivated to go upstairs and get it to come back down and sew.

So that was the end of that for this evening.
When you are used to living in a ranch-style house, stairs are a big deal... at least the first month of living with them.

In other news, I bought the files for this awesome care tag and hope to get motivated to print them out on some transfer paper and iron them onto some fabric to make my own tags.
Aren't those cool?  Vintage Laundry designed her own and then everyone was clamoring for them and she has them available on her Etsy site now. I loved the Cotton Candy and the Peach Cobbler especially, but I figured I'd better get the one she did in my logo colors of yellow and charcoal.  I added the size options so now I can print sizes 4-8.  Should last me a while. :)

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