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Sunday, May 26, 2013

MMM '13 - Is it still May??

I don't think I ever even said what MMM '13 stood for.  Silly me.  It's Me Made May 2013 and it is the baby of Zoe from So Zo, What Do You Know.  She hosts a month or two each year of sewing enthusiasts showing off their Me Mades in a Flickr group. We all make a commitment to wear a certain number of Me Made items each week and the goal is to get more of our Me Mades into rotation because sometimes they can just languish in our closets and dresser drawers.

Sis Boom Jamie Dress made two Summers ago and still going strong.
A little cute puppy thrown in for good measure. :)

I don't think she understands why I am stopping on the stairs every day and pointing something at the couch (where the camera is propped up).  She always stops to look at me questioningly... so I invite her over. 
This is my "grumpy clouds" self-drafted tank and one of 5 pairs of colored slacks I have from Old Navy.

I changed it up a bit and went out on the back porch.  This is also one of my entries for Skirt Week in the Flickr group.  

Funny story about this dress.  Y'all know I just moved? well, all my fabric and patterns aren't even unpacked yet.  I had a couple of events coming up on my calendar and wanted to take the chance to get my butt in gear and sew some of my fabric from my stash and use some of my unused patterns.  So I looked at what fabrics I had unpacked that weren't already matched with a pattern and came up with this pairing.  The fabric is from DC a year ago and the pattern I used, with not so great a fabric pairing, here.
After I decided to make this dress, I was looking back through my blog just for fun and saw that I had paired this fabric and pattern quite a while ago!  I totally thought I was having a new idea and lo and behold, I already had it planned this way.
It was meant to be.

Trying another creative shot.  
I made the purple knit ruffle pants and got the flowy tunic at JCPenny's for five buckaroos.


  1. great dresses! love that second to last with the purple shoes! and your jamie is super cute too! and the knit pants look super comfy!

  2. The Jamie dress is lovely. You are always so stylish!