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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Stashbusting Begins (With Not-so-great Pictures)

I've started my journey through my patterns and fabric with the goal of making at least 13 garments or waiting until the end of the year before I can buy more patterns or fabric.
It's already gotten hard to resist, so I have much motivation to get these 13 garments knocked out!
First up, Butterick 5498: the jacket that is not for warmth.
I like this pattern and I can see myself making more of these little light jackets in the future.  This is a fun way to use a pretty fabric and not have to make a dress.  I used a rayon challis floral print from Hancock Fabrics.
I apologize that I have not at all been in the mood lately to take pretty pictures of my makes.  I just plain don't feel like setting up the camera or posing.  Maybe the funk will pass, but for now you get iPhone selfies.

I like the shape, the drape, the 3/4 sleeve length and the way it naturally falls in pretty ripples.  Next time, I will make the facing extra wide, because it kept falling open too far and exposing the raw pinked edge of the facing.  I'm going to encase that raw edge in some pretty pink bias tape on this one, but next time, there just needs to be more facing.
This will be a lovely fall transition piece for my wardrobe and I look forward to pairing it with different tops and pants.