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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swimsuit Fail

That was pretty much worse than shopping for a swimming suit.
I attempted the 70's Stretch 'n Sew pattern I have with some of the swim fabric I bought from Fabric.com a while ago on sale.  I used the measurements on the envelope.  Apparently, those measurements are crap.
The top part of this suit does not cover what is supposed to be covered!  The torso is super short on this thing.  And I have a regular to short torso, so that means the pattern is reeeeeealllly short!
And listen, I know my butt is big, but I'm going to need about four more inches added on to the hips and that low back that happens to be, like, the main reason I bought this pattern? It shows crack.  Seriously, my butt wouldn't fit in the suit!
Women in the 70's were waistless and buttless apparently.

Here it is, lying in shame.

I can see the potential, though, so all hope is not yet lost.  Hopefully, the next version will not be so scandalous and, well, plain ol' ridiculous.

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