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Sunday, January 19, 2014

McCalls 6841

I bought McCalls 6841 with another piece of fabric in mind, and decided to make a muslin of View A to see if it was wearable and if there were any kinks to work out. I used a piece of teal knit from my stash for the back and some of a really neat ITY knit remnant bought in DC (TWO YEARS AGO) for this drapey top. 

By the way, it is totally open almost to my belly button.  You could sew it closed, but I just have it strategically placed for the photos.

It was a leap of faith to follow the directions in the pattern, but it really did work perfectly. I was sure to read some other blog posts on the pattern and knew from others' experience to trust the instructions even if they didn't seem to make sense.  It was like magic because it's all inside out and backwards and then suddenly, it's together and awesome.

Now, when I say awesome, I mean that it was thrilling to see how the pattern pieces and the crazy inside-out sewing made this finished product, but I'm not really sold on the awesomeness of it as I've styled (and I use the term "styled" loosely here) it for these photos.  
I don't think the teal knit in the back was the best choice.  I would use either black or just more of the same fabric I used for the front if I did it again.  
I also don't think it looks good with these pants and I have no idea what else to pair it with.  
I feel like it needs a shirt under it, well, for obvious reasons, I DO need a shirt under it, but I'm afraid it would start to look "vest"y, mainly because of that teal panel in the back.
That means, if I'm going to wear this again, it will probably be worn with something under, for modesty, and something over as well.

I might just be so negative because I'm sick, but I feel like all the draping in the front is really fidgety too.  I kept being concerned that it would stick out too much if I didn't constantly readjust it, not the best type of garment to add to my generally low-maintainance closet.
I had to lighten most of these photos and you don't get the full effect of this really vibrant fabric, so I took one photo in full sun so you could see.

So now that I've made my muslin that I'm not sure how to make wearable, I am not so sure I want to make this again in the original fabric I had in mind.  It's probably too fussy and I don't really have many occassions to wear this kind of top. 
If I did make it again, I would make the version with a wider back.  I would use the same fabric for front and back to eliminate the "vest"y look.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to style this?  How would you wear it?


  1. I think it looks great! I would NOT be able to pull of that kind of top.You look wonderful in it! And if it's so open as you described I would need a top under it but would that then ruin the whole look. I don't know. Anyway, I think it's lovely! :)

    1. From where I sit it's a very interesting top. But if you're not comfortable in it, that's what truly matters. Have you seen the StyleArc Demi Drape Top? It is similar to the McCalls except that space between the draped sections is filled in. Ann made several and posted them to her blog. http://gorgeousfabrics.com/blog/2014/01/04/pattern-review-stylearc-demi-drape-top/

    2. It's an interesting idea to sew in a modesty panel. Then I wouldn't have to worry about sleeves of a shirt underneath looking funny.

  2. I think it is beautiful! I am sorry you are sick!