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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Fabric, Better Wardrobe

I couldn't resist the Denver Fabrics New Year's Sale y'all.  Especially after scrolling through Sharon's blog and being inspired by all the pretty ITY prints she was using.
Here is what I bought and what I plan to use it for.

Vogue 1315 in a green splatter ITY knit

Another (info on the first one below) Hemlock Tee in pink splatter ITY knit.

Vogue 1378 pants in brown ponte

McCalls 6841View A or B in aqua/pink chevron ITY knit

I tried something back in September when I broke my fabric ban for a second to grab two knits I loved.  Instead of just buying them to put in my stash until I was inspired to pair them with a pattern, I felt obligated to make a case for buying them, so I paired them with a pattern idea when I bought them.  I decided the feathers would be a Grainline Scout and the Chevron would become a dress similar to a ModCloth one I loved.
I didn't make a Scout, but I did make a Hemlock Tee and it's quickly becoming a favorite in my wardrobe.

I still need to find a pattern for the Chevron fabric.  Unfortulately, I don't think I have enought chevron to make a circle skirt like the inspiration dress.  I could do McCall's 6754 and come sorta close. But I'm thinking maybe Vogue 1224, which is totally different, I know, but it's one I already own.
I have these too that were never paired with anything last year...

I should proabably make it my mission to find a match and sew it up soon before the new fabric excitement wears off, and before my next package of fabric comes.


  1. So much beauty I don't know where to begin. I'm drooling over your fabric choices. Definitely match 'em and sew 'em while you're still inspired! Love your Hemlock.
    Happy 2014!

    1. Go get you some of those fabrics for yourself, girl! Thanks for the encouragement and drool. haha