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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Me Made May 2017 - Days 14 - 18

May 14th - We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for Mother's Day afternoon with my parents.  It was beautiful there!  
I was able to finish yet ANOTHER hack of the Halla Slim Dolman pattern, right before we went.  This time, I shortened even the short dolman sleeves of the pattern and I also made the bottom of the skirt more of a pencil skirt shape.  Not too body-con, though.  I feel like the tighter, the more formal and I wanted something pretty, but casual.

May 15th- This is a maternity shirt I made back when I was early on in my pregnancy with my now two-year-old.  It's made from the same ITY as the dress from May 

May 16th - a tank I made long ago that's really too tight in the armpits and a little shorter than I would like.  I never wear it, but I wore it as a lounge-around shirt on this day.

May 17th- This is a Ki-ba-doo Raglan in a draped and soft bamboo lycra.  

And these are the nails I had for Mother's Day that just happened to go perfectly with this shirt a few days later.  :)

May 18th - My first day of Classical Conversations Parent Practicum 2017.  Classical Conversations is the program we use to homeschool.  Every summer, there are free 3-day events called practicum that teach parents the background and workings of the curriculum as well as training the tutors that share the curriculum with the kids throughout the school year.
I made a Halla Stardust tank with no star and got lots of compliments.  Again, I'm stealing fabric intended for my children...


  1. Wow, 5hr nails do go perfectly! And the ice cream top is fun.

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