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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Color of Inspiration

This is my favorite coffee cup in the whole wide world... er, in my cabinet.  Guess where it's from.  Just guess.
Well, maybe you don't know me or the crafting community at large well enough to know where a large slice of the inspiration pie is often found.  Anthropologie.  Ever been to that amazing collection of color, ruffles and general indie artistry?  sigh.  It's like food for the crafter's soul.
This single mug has inspired my next kitchen's entire color scheme.    I love the teal and lime together.  I can see a crisp, white breakfast area to make it pop.  And my budget is just going to HAVE to make room for some decorative cabinet knobs (from Anthropologie, of course).

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  1. Thanks for coming to my party! I'm so glad to have you. I purchased the exact same mug as a gift awhile back -- and those are some of my favorite colors, too!