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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maternity Jeans Reinvented

Just before we start here... I am well aware that the shirt my lovely model is wearing doesn't match, nor even really compliment the pants featured (and it does her no favors either). I was too lazy to change her and she had borrowed the shirt earlier in the day from a little friend, who also happens to be a boy. So that explains what you might think to be poor taste. ha.

These little beauties were made from the bottom of the pants legs of my white maternity jeans that have a stain near the top of one leg.  I was going to give them to Goodwill, but then I realized that they are exactly the type of thing I now shop at Goodwill just to find so that I can turn them into something else.
I knew they would make super cute pants for Eden and they're like nothing you can find in stores.  I decided to really set them apart with a bit of a ruffle at the bottom.  I left the frayed edge of the denim showing and just  stitched the ruffle underneath.  Cute right?
I learned to make pants from this tutorial and now, I do it from memory.  I also have a pattern from Whimsy Couture on Etsy for ruffled pants that added a bit of panache to my pants-making skills.  I love all of her patterns that I've tried and if you're just getting started, you should check her out.

See my sweet girl's little painted piggies?  It's her first pedi, done by yours truly and she's so proud of her "toe naow powish."

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  1. Your little girl is adorable and you did a great job with the pants. Hey, I think the t-shirt does match. There's both green and red in the ruffles!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment. I hope you come by again.