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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easy, Peasy One-Shouldered Shirt

 My creation of the day a la Gianny L and her so sew easy tutorials. I've never tried anything she's done, but she's been bookmarked in my favorites for a while. Honestly, I've been too afraid of sewing knits to try.  Now, I think I'm hooked.

 I had a knit remnant of one of my favorite colors (indian teal) in my fabric closet that I thought I was going to make an infinity scarf from, but I decided I needed a breezy easy to wear one-shouldered top for our upcoming vacation.  I pulled it out during the kids' naps and used the sewing machine in only two places.  It took all of 5 minutes.
 (That is, of course, not counting the 15 minutes I spent making about 5 other attempts that were thwarted by knotting, tangling thread. Once I got that taken care of and remedied, the ACTUAL sewing of the shirt was only 5 minutes.)

I have to admit that I made it WAAAAAAY too short and that's why I am wearing the skirt high.

Not that it isn't right on trend to wear it that way... See this is what I mean about a pretty pickle. I get myself into them all the time and often, it just works out. I do still want to make another longer one that could be worn with jeans... without showing my belly button.


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