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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ever since I held my first Matilda Jane trunk show last season and got to try on the Big Brown Ruffles, brown knit capri-length ruffle pants for ladies, I have wanted a pair.  MJ is not typically in my budget, but I've been saving my Christmas money so that, if, perchance, there is a pair of ruffle pants I want for myself in the spring line (dropping Feb. 1st) I will be able to get them.
I have toyed with the idea, off and on, of trying to make my own, but there is no really quality knit in town for me to get and, besides, the quality stuff is $15 a yard and it would take at least two and a half yards to make pants.  Then there's the risk of not being able to make them look right and wasting that $40 or so.  I can buy them from MJ for about $60, so I just decided to hope for something for spring.
Last night, as I was reorganizing my pants drawer, I discovered, in the very bottom, a pair of super wide leg knit pants from Deliah's.  I never really wear them much because their voluminous nature doesn't really suit my thick thighs and short legs.  In that moment last night, I realized that I could try out some knit ruffles for me without much risk.
Here they are!

Now I think I have a pretty good pattern to use for other pairs if I ever want to invest in the knit to make them.  It only took a couple steps to make these, since I was just altering some pants I already had.  I cut off the bottom eight inches from each leg, narrowed the legs to go straight down from the hip and then reattached the bottom part I cut off as the ruffles.
I'm very pleased with the results!

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  1. you are the QUEEN of re-purposing. amazing. now, if i could only convince myself that i don't need to be wearing my big-legged knit pants and turn them as well. gotta love the big-thigh short legs syndrome. plagued for sure over here. :) but i cannot get away from wide-leg pants, they are my faves!