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Monday, March 14, 2011


Mindless web surfing can occasionally have benefits.

If you are looking for a cure to the common knot dress, you've got to check this out!
Two days ago, I discovered Farbenmix patterns, fabric and ribbon (my fave found here). I'm tiring of ruffle pants and knot dresses and these european patterns are the solution for me. They are a little off the wall and when totally decked out, can be way too loud and garish for my taste, but I think they could be done really tastefully. The shapes in the patterns themselves are interesting enough without having to mix and match a gazillion different fabrics in one piece of clothing.
Things like aprons on pants, various shaped hemlines for dresses and patterns for knits (yay) that are infinitely variable, not to mention the CUTEST hoods around make these patterns worth their price in my opinion.
I'm looking to get the Winona pant, the Olivia hoodie dress/top and the Amelie knit shirt patterns.
AAAAAAaaaaaaaaand, if you need some BOY inspiration, Farbenmix would be a great was to break out of the box.
You can get the patterns at Banberry Place, but check whether you're getting instructions in English or not.
For some inspiration and to instantly see some creative examples of what I'm jabbering about, go to the Flickr Farbenmix Sewing group.


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