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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sale in My Shop!

My first sale is happening over at Molly Blossom!
i wanted to do something fun to celebrate two good weeks and it seemed perfect to me to discount the Ear Bud fabric flower earrings. This is the kind of piece that looks so unique and elegant and yet is (especially now) very affordable. I seriously receive at least one compliment on mine every time I go out in them. No one, at least around here has seen anything like them.
I'm just in love with the fact that even if I'm not wearing a blouse made from amazing fabric, or carrying one of my bags made from amazing fabric, I can easily wear a little bit of amazing on my earlobes. haha!
Here's my model with the color Mediterranean Crush.  Love these and turquoise is very in.

And here's me with my pair.  :)

There's a great selection in the shop right now, so go see for yourself which ones would look best on you!


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