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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


really enjoy being pregnant. I've been big and preggers twice and I love dressing my pregnant body. The second time I got pregnant, I knew it was probably my last and I swore I would splurge and get something like this top, which I was totally head over heels for at the time.
The only pic I could pull states it was worn by Gwen Stefani.  It's one of Isabella Oliver's best sellers and I really was going to get one.
But.... I didn't.
One hundred and nineteen smackaroos is too much of a splurge for me to wrap my head around.

Well, just in case there is someone out there in the sewing blogosphere that is also in love with this top.  Look what I just found!!!

No, no, not the top... It's a PATTERN!  Looks just like the Isabella Oliver one, no?  You could make yourself one!  Cool right?  or is it just me?
Megan Neilson's etsy shop has a few maternity patterns and I so wish I had found her back when I was pregnant.  
Maybe some other preggo sewer will benefit.


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  1. THANK YOU!!! That top is adorable, and being able to make something for myself is fantastic since I can pick exactly the colors I want/need. And seriously, I can't believe how expensive maternity clothes are!