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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- 4

Linking up to The Pleated Poppy today!

I usually just give you one outfit, but because I have less detail shots this time (accessories, shoes and such, I'll make up for it with more outfits.
We are at the beach in Destin this week, so it's a pretty laid back week.  Even though I don't really care about what I'm wearing now that I'm here, luckily, I cared when I packed.  I made sure all I'd have to choose from this week were cute things.  :D

This is a dress I got at Target recently.  I've been lusting after the Matilda Jane Stillwater dress and when I saw this, knit on top, cute, lightweight print on the bottom, I decided this was my consolation prize.  For $20 instead of $70, it's a good trade-off.

See all that pile of stuff on the countertop?  That's all the jewelry I brought with me that I dumped out of my cosmetic bag.  Our three-year-old girl had locked herself in the bedroom by accident that morning and I had to search through everything to find a bobby pin to pick the lock from the outside.  Kids.  Always keepin' you on your toes.

I'm wearing Sephora OPI polish in the color Non-fat Soy Half Calf. It's hard to find a good nude polish that doesn't look yellowish or orangish on me. This one is the closest I've come.

I already blogged about this below, so check out the review of my Sis Boom Jamie Dress if your curious.  This outfit came with us in parts and pieces in a grocery bag with some pins and scissors and I completed it while we were here and then wore it out the next day!  They have some great shopping here and we love to walk around the outdoor malls even though we've done it many times.

I like this mall in particular because there is a Brighton store there and Brighton has the cutest charms and beads at the best prices.  I have a Trollbead bracelet and I'm slowly building my bead collection and got two new ones this trip.  See the light pink bead and the heart lock?  Those are my early Mother's Day gifts.
And this is from this morning.  Out on our balcony, one of my fave places to be, especially with coffee in the morning.  I'm wearing my comfiest-ever fleece ruffle pants made by me.  I want to make myself some more ruffles, but I'm still searching for the perfect material and print.

We've still got a few days here, so check ya later! I'm going to enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Thanks for your comments on my dress! I couldn't reply to you directly since you're a no-replyer. :)

    I really do like the bodice & waistband, it's the darn skirt that makes me look so huge. I even managed to somehow get the straps set up so they don't show my bra straps, something I know everybody had issues with. I'm hoping that will a fabric that lays down a little nicer, instead of poofing out, it might work as it is if I do less gathering or a circle skirt. I'm certainly willing to give it another try!