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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am a competitive person, but only in certain areas. If I'm in an exercise class of some sort, I would definitely want to do the most, the biggest, the spunkiest version of whatever the step is. That is not to say that I can actually keep that up for more than 10 min but the urge to be the most energetic in the class is still there.
I am NOT competitive in the blog world. I am doing my three blogs (yes, three) strictly for my own pleasure. This means there sometimes are long gaps between posts, I do not always take pictures with my fancy camera to post and I do not count my followers or try to get more.
Same thing with my short stint in the world of YouTube videos. I was amazed at the push for followers, just anybody and everybody. The number of followers you had indicated success and possibly brought deals from companies wanting to use you for advertising. I did a couple of giveaways and you had to be a follower to win, but other than that, I never pushed for followers.
Now, I have a business, an Etsy shop. I hate sales. No, no, I like getting a sale in my shop, but I hate being a salesperson, the business of sales. I hate feeling like I'm competing with other people making bags. I don't want to feel like I have to make better bags than them. I just want to make the best bags I can in fabrics and using designs that I think are attractive. I don't like mentioning my business unless it comes up in easy conversation. I don't give my card out unless it's asked for, usually.
Probably not good for business, but if I'm going to promote, I'll definitely have to grow into it. I do want to be able to give more to the Balama Project (www.balama-project.org). Since I give them 10% of profits, more sales would mean more to give.
If you want to help me give and get a pretty bag or earrings to boot. Go look at Molly Blossom and see if there is something that tickles your fancy.
There, I did it.

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