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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- 5

I can hardly believe I've been keeping this up!  It was a little easier than usual this week because the pics I'm showing you are the rest of my week at the beach (beach = deciding what to wear beforehand + plenty of time to take a pic of it).  And then there was Easter and I had also planned ahead for that, of course.  Then I got sick and was in my pj's, so you're not seeing that.

First up, my new bathing suit from Old Navy.  I know you can't see it, but I wasn't going to take a full-body shot.  I wore this a couple times this week.  Can't go wrong with a one-piece black bathing suit with a halter neck and ruching down both side seams to make it a little retro for under $30.  I was much more comfortable in that than I was my two-piece.  Wonder why, after two kids??

You can also see the nail color I wore for the second half of the week.  My very favorite ever OPI's Done Out in Deco.  Such a happy shade of lavender and it looked so good with my favorite beach drink that I had to take their picture together.  :)

My hair is finally long enough to where I think it can handle braids.  This is a maternity dress from Old Navy I've had for a few years.

  Ear Buds in Litebrite from my shop. :)

I was so excited because I was actually getting a teeny-tiny tan.  I was probably the only one that could tell, but it was still exciting.

Shirt - Target on clearance  Jeans- bought at the Banana Outlet for 40% off while on vacation.  I didn't have any light wash jeans and I finally feel skinny enough to take them on!

Dress from Target a couple years ago. Shrug - JCPenny's sale. Fabric Flower Ring - from my shop  Shoes - Target last year

Easter morning. I was super happy that my hair pretties from Giddy Up and Grow arrived while we were away.

My dress made by me. More about that here.  My daughters' dress is Matilda Jane and she's sporting Giddy Up and Grow as well.

A late Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. He is Risen indeed!



  1. 1. I am super impressed with your earrings and ring.
    2. You have gorgeous hair!
    3. Your daughter is precious.
    4. I love the floral shirt with light jeans!

  2. I love the headband! That top you wore for Easter is great! I am unsure about a swimsuit. I have been wearing a 2 piece but I think I need a one piece for more child friendly situations...I'm still on the fence though. I saw a few cute ones at Old Navy though.