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Friday, May 6, 2011

Patterns Out My Ears - pt. 3

Cynthia Rowley patterns are pretty popular, and for good reason.  I don't know how the instructions are, but the finished pieces look modern and simple.  I've had one for quite a while, but I was too scared to try it.  I recently bought one more and won four more from a blog giveaway.  (yay!)

This is the one I'm most interested in making first.  I don't care for the open shouldered sleeve design, but I like the 3/4 sleeve and I LOVE the slit in the back from the neck to the waist.  I love it so much that the fact that I can't wear a bra with it isn't going to deter me. I'm small and don't need much support.  I have some stick-on cups that I rarely use and I think it would be worth it to wear them with this as an occasional date dress. 
As far as fabric choice, it needs to be something with a nice drape and I'm thinking solid color.  I'm not educated enough in fabrics to know off the top of my head what I want, so I'll be walking the aisles in Hancock's feeling every bolt.   I think that definitely needs to be a no-kid trip.


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